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Building the processes and infrastructure for scaling AI takes years. When you try to go faster, your risk and inefficient spending go up.

At BotX, we make sure you can make use of AI opportunities efficiently and faster. Repeatedly.

Cooperate with a team of AI researchers and experts

From strategic guidance to hands-on model development, data collection, data cleansing, or environment set-up.

Tap into years of experience from successfully delivered projects.

Optimize your resources through insights into big data.

Scale on cutting-edge AI cloud infrastructure

Powerful machines, best-in-class availability, tested and verified security.

Get Computing power that handles complex AI with ease.

Process large volumes of data in real time.

Have new use-cases developed and tested rapidly

Tools to build AI models faster than ever before. Or we build them for you. Faster, too.

Low-code / No-code development.

Deep-learning with one click, literally.

Pre-trained models.

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AI/ML model risk mitigation features

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