Build modern hybrid solutions consisting of multiple components

Websites, mobile apps, IoT, third-party add-ins, and other types of application can form a single coherent solution


Applications often consist of multiple components and smaller sub-applications or third-party systems. Every single functionality of BotX is accessible through a developer-friendly API and can be seamlessly interconnected. Also, our bots can talk to each other.

Consistent across components and platforms

Some of our customer's solutions consist of more parts, such as Excel add-in, third-party applications, external databases, and even external cloud providers. The fact that every single component of BotX (cognitive diagrams, online assistants, our data platform DCS) is accessible through a developer-friendly API is critical. A Single AI model or database can then serve to many clients, and a single source of data running in the cloud ensures all results' integrity.

Robots can communicate between themselves

A great feature of our robots (of all types) is that they can communicate between themselves. Suppose you design an AI model represented by Robot X. In that case, you can ask Robot Y to call "X" when needed (usually to perform a sub-task complicated enough to deserve its independent agent). Of course, all stays independent, API ready, and with a single source of data. Would you like to know more? Let us know.