Cognitive Diagrams

BotX team
March 31, 2023

What is the cognitive diagram?

Chances are you heard of the terms such as   AI, machine learning, automation, etc. Indeed, automation is a big thing. Who wouldn't want to automate any of the existing processes or activities and to make them run faster, more efficiently,
on a much larger scale, and often more precisely?

Chances are you can do it in your company as well. Given the right tools and sets of diverse methods, you can probably do anything.

That's the idea of cognitive diagrams. It's not only about the AI. It's a new and sophisticated approach to break down your company processes into intelligent diagrams. In these diagrams, you can use established technologies such as deep learning and a variety of other machine learning methods and also our highly innovative data platform called the DCS - Data Creativity System.

All of that then work and communicate seamlessly thanks to our communication protocol used by intelligent agents, aka robots.

The BotX project did not start as a commercial AI project. Just the opposite. We have been interested in psychiatry, neuroscience, and clinical psychology. However, given the strong IT background of our people, we quickly realized that by breaking down a complex task into smaller distributed tasks, we could achieve wonders. The human brain doesn't use backpropagation or gradient descent. It's not even multilayer in the same sense as an artificial neural network. Our cognitive diagrams have been inspired by these facts and many other details about the human brain that we will continue to uncover in upcoming blog articles.

Even though there hasn't been any consensus as to what intelligence itself is or means, we believe in conceptual research, and we stay open-minded.

BotX team