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Without the right resources and talent, AI/ML projects fail. In turn, failed projects damage the buy-in of both leaders and employees. Our fast iterative process allows you to find early wins, so that you can build solid grounds for your AI-powered future.

Shape your ideas and strategy with us

Think of tasks that require way too much collection of information, reading, analyzing, filling out, identifying, or answering.

Have data collected quickly and cleaned automatically

AI systems are built on high-quality data. However, we know that it is OK to sacrifice precision to prove a point. We collect required data quickly and prepare them for processing with our automated routines. In many projects, we have employed public or 3rd party data, too.

Get early results in days

We usually start with deep learning models to show illustrative results that give you the confidence to keep going. We then progress to build advanced deep learning or custom models to achieve precision in the 98%+ range.

Run apps from a secure cloud

Your AI apps need a place to live in. BotX is the environment for them to live cost-efficiently and securely while at the same time performing super fast. Our servers are located in multiple locations and are compliant with the required laws and regulations.

Macek Legal

250+ hours
regained in one year


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250+ hours
regained in one year

You should put your data at work for you

The value of data is immense. Yet it is impossible to unlock without data science and AI. BotX creates solutions on top of all types of data such as text, images, tables or various types of unstructured data.

Tabular or unstructured data
Text data
Machine and deep learning

Use complex algorithms with structured and unstructured data to model and predict the future, gain insights, or make automated decisions.

Natural language processing

Mine data from text documents, classify, search, analyze sentiment, answer questions, or summarize dialogues in different languages.

Computer vision

Analyze images or videos to understand patterns, identify objects, spot anomalies, monitor processes, and more.

Workflow automation

Combine various methods
to automate workflows which
normally require human judgment.

All The Things You Need To Succeed

Professional team of AI experts

Superfast pilot solution and proof of ROI

Semi-automated data cleansing

Guidance on ideas and strategies

Iterative improvements in accuracy

Solution for complex scenarios

Compliant with laws and regulations

Precision to match business needs

Secure and high-performing cloud

What clients say

"BotX has delivered high quality solution that saves us hours of time weekly, which we are now able to commit to our premium services. We can highly recommend BotX to anyone."

Daniel Macek

Partner, Macek Legal

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