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Large language models (LLM) are incredibly powerful, but how can you ensure they're reliable, secure and flexible enough for your organization?
Discover the ultimate solution with our powerful LLM/GPT features and services.

OpenAI GPT integrations and fine-tuning

Get reliable responses based on your data and knowledge

Easily import your existing knowledge via various file formats like PDFs, text documents, knowledge bases, spreadsheets and integrations with your existing apps.

Leverage your organization's expertise to generate precise, context-aware answers from your AI models.

Fully owned cloud or on-premise GPT models

Never share your data with anyone

Implement cutting-edge GPT models on your preferred infrastructure—cloud or on-premise—maintaining complete ownership and control over your data.

Keep sensitive information secure while reaping the benefits of AI-driven insights.

Maximum adaptability and customizations

Effortlessly evolve your AI to meet your business and technological needs

Switch or add models, introduce new features, and create seamless integrations with our flexible, no-code AI development platform, botx.

Stay ahead of the curve by adapting your AI solution to ever-changing AI possibilities, market conditions and company requirements.

Workflow automation

Trigger your automated workflows by AI-powered chat conversations

Flexibly integrate within specific workflows such as customer support, HR requests, project delivery or sales

Internally with staff or externally with partners and customers

Fast deployment

Deploy AI-powered chat widgets anywhere in minutes

Train your AI effortlessly with a few clicks.

Instantly integrate its power to web applications by copying and pasting a script onto your website or internal application through our comprehensive API access.

Streamline communication and enhance productivity like never before.

Monitor, understand and strategize

Gain insights into AI usage and empower your organization to evolve

Keep track of the prompts and documents submitted by employees to AI models.

Analyze trends and usage and identify areas for improvement and opportunities.

Develop strategies, create new products, and prevent misuse while fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Empower every department with AI

Streamline customer support

Resolve customer queries with AI-driven chatbots, improving satisfaction while reducing support team workload and response times.

Enhance HR processes

Automate repetitive HR tasks, provide personalized assistance to employees, improve training and onboarding programs.

Optimize sales and marketing

Use AI-generated insights to identify leads, customize outreach, and improve marketing campaign effectiveness through data-driven content.

Accelerate R&D innovation

Harness AI to analyze research data, identify trends, and speed up development with new ideas and market trend predictions.

Personalized e-commerce

Use fine-tuned AI chatbots to provide tailored product recommendations, streamline customer queries, and drive higher conversion rates.

Elevate decision-making

Integrate AI-generated data analysis and predictions into strategic planning, helping executives make informed, data-driven decisions for business growth.

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Enterprise-grade security and privacy

Robust Security Measures

Our platform implements cutting-edge security technologies and best practices to protect your data and AI models.

Learn more about our security here.

Compliance with Industry Standards

We adhere to GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations, ensuring your AI models are built and maintained in a secure and compliant environment.

Commitment to AI Ethics

Our commitment to ethical AI usage extends beyond just technological implementations.

By partnering with us, you can trust that your AI solutions align with ethical principles and guidelines.

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