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BotX is a research-driven deep-tech AIstartup based in the heart of Europe. We are focused on developing a next-gen No-Code AI platform and providing cutting-edge AI development services.

If you are interested in working for an incredibly challenging idea of bringing the modern hybrid solutions built around AI to broader public use, consider applying for a job at BOTX.

We’re a team of enthusiastic people, geeks, and experienced individuals who like what they do.

Company values

AI changes the world. It is a multi-disciplinary field with huge potential and responsibility. We acknowledge this fact and approach our work as a mission. We’re open and inclusive. We work in a friendly and cozy environment. Our idea started out of pure curiosity, without any commercial ambitions.

We believe that good things can happen if you invest in your personal development and let you work on your interests and passions.

Perks & benefits

Research & engineering startup spirit.

Minimum bureaucracy.

We’re open and encouraging of new ideas.

Competitive salary.

Employee stock options plan for anyone who brings value.

Laptop, mobile of your choosing.

Learning & Development.

You tell us, what you need, and we’ll listen.

Open job positions

Senior ReactJS Developer

3+ years of ReactJS (ES6+, Webpack) experience.

Experienced vanilla JavaScript developer as well.

Experience with responsive and cross-browser development and testing.

Experience building rich data-driven web applications by consuming RESTful services and APIs.

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AI/ML Engineer

2+ years of machine learning & AI experience in Python.

Supervised, non-supervised & semi-supervised learning.

Particular interest in deep learning and all its forms (convolutional, lstm, bayesian, GAN, etc.) networks.

Experience with standard ML stacks, such as SVM, LSA, LDA, GD, DT, etc.

Experience with TensorFlow, Keras, sklearn, pandas, and others.

TensorflowJS is a plus.

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Backend/DevOps Engineer

3+ years experience with backend development in .NET Core/C# or Python. Knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

Experience with Apache Cassandra DB is a plus.

Experience with MS SQL Server is a plus. Any other relational database is also a plus.

Experience creating REST API web servers (kestrel, fastapi, etc.).

Experience with containerization (Docker, Podman).


Experience in Linux Centos/RHEL.

Team Coordinator, Support & Power User

Would you learn about our product, support the customers, and coordinate our team members?

Concerned and responsible for our product platform.

Team player.

Interest in AI, modern, futuristic mindset.

A plus is knowledge of Excel macros, MS Access, python scripting, or RESTFul API.

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We are located across 3 countries with headquarters in Ostrava, Czech Republic

You will be participating on project across various countries.