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Our Robots & Features

Cognitive Diagrams

Be creative and design your own robot. Play with the AI in our online training diagram editor. It's powerful & fun

Chat Robot

Including voice recognition and talk. Easy online training editor with importing capabilities and rich features

Seller Robot

Let the robot talk to your customers and help them with buying your stuff right on your website or eCommerce

Increase Profits

Seller robot can earn you the money. Support robot can save you the money. Robots do increase your profits

10 Minutes

Create a robot. Train the robot. Switch on the robot and let it work for you. It's all user friendly and easy


We know it must be easy to use and simple to integrate into your email, mailchimp, facebook, WebAPI etc.

..If you tell me precisely what it is a machine cannot do, then I can always make a machine which will do just that..

Enjoy a cup of coffee

A lot of your existing work and company processes is a repetitive and time consuming job. You can delegate some of this work to robots and as such increase your profits by saving your time or generate new profits.

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..or spend time with loved ones

Besides the greater revenues potential for your business you can also gain lots of time by delegating repetitive and consuming work to the robots. All you need to do is to train your robot and then just use your free time to do other important work.

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Why BotX

  • Boost your sales

    Sell more. With our state of the art AI you can offer more relevant products to your customers.

  • Save your money

    Robots are perfect for technical support or general questions. You can save a lot of time here.

  • Integration

    You can integrate your robots into your existing processes or services or use embeddable scripts by BotX.

  • Cognitive Diagrams

    Cognitive diagram allows you to create your own robot. You can be creative and establish your own A.I.

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