Tutorial: Chatbot + CRM Database + Email Notifications

BotX team
October 16, 2023

This tutorial shows how to create a simple chatbot and save the visitor contact information to our built-in cloud database DCS and notify the owner of the chatbot by an email.

Everything in about 20 minutes.

No coding skills are required. No external databases are required. No external providers are required. Everything is done only using the BotX.

This tutorial shows only a basic setup, but the same principles can create a much more sophisticated chatbot. Check the video tutorial below and see it yourself.

Cognitive Diagram

To accomplish the database operations and email notifications, we use a cognitive diagram. As mentioned in the video, the cognitive diagram technology can achieve much more sophisticated functions and perform advanced machine learning techniques, such as deep learning, etc. Some customers use several cognitive diagrams simultaneously to deploy a single complex AI agent and achieve desired automation. We will show a little bit of this in our next tutorial. This tutorial shows only a trivial chatbot, so our cognitive diagram is trivial too. It underlines its vast possibilities, though.

BotX team