Tutorial: Deep Learning + Data Creativity System (DCS)

BotX team
October 16, 2023

Let's say you have data. It can be anything. Let's say you would like to use the power of AI and predict certain information about the new records coming to this database. Let's say you want to do it in 5 minutes from scratch, and you have zero programming skills. Sounds like a dream? Not for BotX. Check out this tutorial on how to do it.

See the video tutorial

The video tutorial is for demonstration purposes only to show our platform's benefits and our tools' interconnected nature. We use deep learning with DCS successfully in several production-running customers; it has proved to be a highly effective combination.

The summary

The following is the summary of the tutorial wrapped in a few sentences.

Deep Learning

BotX provides a rich set of AI features and technics wrapped in a user-friendly and intuitive way. You don't need to write a single line of code to use things like neural networks etc. The fact that BotX AI connects seamlessly to the data platform (DCS) makes it a very convenient and quick way to start benefiting from AI and apply it to your concrete use-case.

The data

The critical element of any machine learning process is, of course, your data. They provide the source of training for your robots. If you only intend to experiment and don't have any training data, you can find many open datasets on websites and services such as Kaggle, free to download. Quality data is essential. This fact, however, becomes less of a problem, especially in today's world where companies and corporations track and record tons of information that just lay somewhere often unused. In this tutorial, we will use the database of house prices and try to predict the price based on several house properties such as bedrooms and bathrooms count, location, etc.

Data Creativity System + AI

The DCS is not only data storage or data visualization platform. It's much more. It can be an entire system on its own such as CRM, ERP, or just anything else that you need. This unique feature, combined with the powerful AI platform, makes the BotX a unique AI solution and defines a paradigm shift.

Feel free to contact us in case there are any questions. We're always happy to help or discuss things.

BotX team