We have raised close to €1M seed round

BotX team
March 31, 2023
1 min

We announce a close to €1M seed investment agreement with Swiss InsurEvolution Partners Holding. The investment strengthens the BOTX position and verifies our multi-million € valuation.

Artificial intelligence and automation are impacting the future of almost every industry and every human being. It is already all around us. The capability to quickly integrate and deliver modern, industry-agnostic AI solutions is what has been driving the BOTX for the last few years.

What has started as a pure experiment ended up as an important production running cloud solution for our customers. Repeatedly, our platform has proved its strength and significant strategic potential.

Speaking of strategy, we are proud and honored to enter into the partnership with the Swiss Insurevolution Partners. We're looking forward to the cooperation.

The BOTX will focus on European and global expansion, and we are determined to continue on our mission to do the good things with AI. Stay tuned for our next projects. We have great plans for this year and further.

BotX team