Case Study

Autonomous Email and Documents Processing with GPT-4 model for business automation

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Inefficient Processing of Incoming Inquiries and Attachments

An international manufacturing group faced a significant challenge in managing dozens of daily email inquiries, each with attached documents such as PDFs. The process required human operators to meticulously understand, review, and extract relevant information from each email and its attachments. This task was not only time-consuming, taking approximately 20 minutes per inquiry, but also repetitive, diverting valuable human resources away from more strategic tasks.


  • Generative AI / GPT-4 Grade Model
  • Autonomous Email Integration and Processing
  • Third-Party ERP Integrations

Automated Email and Attachment Processing with Generative AI

To address this inefficiency, BotX implemented an AI agent utilizing a GPT-4 grade model designed to:

  • Automatically check and receive emails with attachments,
  • Understand and extract pertinent information using advanced generative AI
  • Seamlessly send the extracted data to the client's ERP system
  • Notify human operators of the completion or need for further review.

This solution leveraged the BotX NG platform's capabilities to automate complex workflows without requiring any coding from the client's side.


  • Saved Costs
  • Development Time: Low (1 day)
  • Data: Private, Internal Documents and Systems

Significant Time Savings and Resource Optimization

The implementation of the AI-powered system brought about transformative benefits for the client:

  • Time Efficiency: The AI agent reduced the processing time from 20 minutes per inquiry to just 10 seconds, drastically increasing the capacity to handle incoming inquiries without additional human labor.
  • Resource Reallocation: The client can further scale its business operations and explore new growth opportunities by saving the equivalent of a single full-time employee (FTE) who can now focus on more value-adding activities.
  • Operational Scalability: Automating this previously labor-intensive process has enabled the client to improve its responsiveness to inquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Through the deployment of BotX's AI agent, the international manufacturing group has optimized its inquiry processing workflow and positioned itself to more effectively leverage human talent, underlining the strategic advantage of integrating advanced AI solutions into business operations.

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