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The need to innovate to stay competitive

Our client, a subsidiary of a Swiss-based insurance group, was trying to improve its investment strategies in terms of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects) of its investment assets for its high-net-worth wealth management business segment.

Value proposition, regulations, and finance: the perfect storm

The client had several reasons to attempt to develop an innovative solution in this business area. They were to:

  • Improve its offering in terms of investment products and services,
  • improve its brand perception related to sensitive environmental and sustainability topics,
  • Be proactive in terms of current and expected EU regulations, and at the same time
  • Do so efficiently without increasing costs unnecessarily.

Unclear solution

The client has described the problem to the BotX team without any directions on how a potential solution should look like.


  • Natural Language processing
  • Machine learning
  • Advanced data collection robots

Adapting the ESG framework

The BotX team has customized its ESG media-monitoring solution to fit the client's needs. We have utilized existing ESG Regulatory Frameworks and its 50 subcategories to be able to properly understand the desired structure of the model and train it.

Identifying the right information and data

We then connected the model to more than 1000 public or paid media sites to start capturing relevant data and information.

Getting insights from millions of unstructured documents

The solution can analyze terabytes of data, process the context of each article, and pull out company names, event types, and positive or negative sentiment while avoiding promoted content and irrelevant information.

It then calculates scores for each company the client wishes to analyze.


  • Outcome: Ability to launch new products
  • Data: public, Basic interna inputs
  • Development time: High (3 mths)

Ability to launch new products

The client has extremely cost-efficiently acquired a solution that allows them to challenge ESG scores provided by 3rd party vendors (which is a requirement by the EC), allowing them to spot ESG-related issues to better tailor its product to ESG-mindful high-net investors. At the same time reduce compliance risk.

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