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Saving 12 hours a week with Automated trademark protection and computer vision

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Manual repetitive work

Our client, a mid-sized law firm has offered a “trademark protection service” to their clients. A paralegal would go through public online databases and review if any of the registered trademarks globally would resemble the client’s registered trademarks. Such a situation might present a brand compromise risk and a potential copyright breach.

Unable to automate with traditional methods

This process would consume hours of a paralegal's work weekly but there was no conventional algorithm that could automate the task. The client subsidized this activity and accepted performing it at a loss.

The client asked BotX to propose a solution to this particular problem. The client’s awareness of possibilities to solve this problem with AI methods was low.


  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Workflow Automation

Identifying the opportunity in computer vision

BotX team has proposed to automate this activity with a computer vision solution.

Requesting human support only when needed

With a simple solution, the paralegal now only feeds into an application developed by BotX the trademarks which the law firm’s client wishes to protect. The app, which includes an AI computer vision model then periodically scans public trademark databases for any potential conflicts and notifies the paralegal in case an action is needed.

An application that learns over time

The app also includes a training module. That allows the paralegal to improve the application’s accuracy over time so it improves the achieved time-savings.


  • Outcome: Savings 12 hrs / week
  • Data: Public, Structured
  • Development Time: Low

12 hours of manual work saved weekly

The law firm has saved hours of work weekly and is able to scale this offering to more clients. At the same time, the paralegal team is pleased this tedious activity has been automated which improves morale.

Get in touch with BotX

“After we have shared a little about our current tools, process and data, BotX guys were able to give a time and cost estimate right on the call and then proposed an actual solution and budget within the next two days.”

Ladislav Semela

CEO, Semela Ateliers