Case Study

SFDR Anti-Greenwashing Solution

Capital Markets
Reduce Risk


Demanding regulations lacking clear guidelines

The client operates in a highly regulated capital markets environment. At the same time, the company is exposed to the green policies megatrend and the rising importance of environmentally sustainable investing.

Innovation and proactivity expected

Regulations issued by the European Commission have described requirements that called for technological innovations within asset managers in order to comply with the regulations. However, no clear guidance has been given in terms of means or methods for achieving the required end results.


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Advanced Data Collection Robots

Expanding existing BotX ESG solutions

We have enhanced our ESG-focused Media Monitoring Solution to achieve the required result to cover not only companies but entire investment funds.

Automated intelligent outreach to fund managers

We have built a system that automatically finds, downloads, and analyzes fund annual reports. It categorizes the funds into SFDR classifications based on information included in the reports and performs a set of steps in case the report fails to address the SFDR classification issue. One of those steps is automatic direct outreach to individuals who are responsible for fund management and requesting a standardized set of reports that address


  • Outcome: Reduced compliance risk
  • Data: Public, Basic Internal
  • Development time: Medium (1 month)

Reduced risk of penalties and involvement in greenwashing scandals

The client has extremely cost-efficiently acquired a solution that allows them to challenge the SFDR classification of funds. At the same time, the client can with ease demonstrate to the regulator an intense effort to prevent greenwashing. That way the client reduces compliance risk and can fend off potential greenwashing accusations with greater ease.

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