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Resolve more customer queries faster with AI-powered automation

Your automated resolution rate is likely way lower than you’d like. You are not able to classify customer intent correctly nor follow up with appropriate responses. You only wish you could automate or trigger appropriate workflows.

With BotX Virtual Agents we solve all that, plus you’ll see your NPS skyrocket at no extra spend.

Simple yet powerful conversation designer

Get your "real" resolution rate up. Design your conversation based on your best practices easily, break down conversation into steps, connect them visually and perform automated actions in each step.

Plug in advanced artificial intelligence and NLP to make your conversations human-like.

Utilize various of input fields, such as option boxes, buttons, or a range of others.

Precise customer intent recognition

Understand the intent of each conversation fast.

Proper customer intent recognition is the key to success. It allows you to serve the right conversation workflow to your customers and analyze what customers want most and where you should invest into your knowledge base.

No-code intelligent automation builder

For BotX Virtual Agent, the conversation is just the start.

Our No-code AI platform allows you to connect with intelligent automation workflows. Now you can not only automatically carry out simple tasks such as displaying data from your database or creating records.

You can make advanced predictions on the spot, analyze submitted pictures or screenshots, collect relevant data from the web and simply tap into the whole world of AI.

Range of integrations

Keep using the tools you are used to for human handoffs, workforce management or other use-cases related to customer support.

We integrated with many tools "out-of-the-box" and have rich APIs and webhooks functionalities.

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Win their business.

Up to 60% of conversations happen outside typical working hours.
Many are potential leads.

24/7 service for your visitors

The ability to apply your best practices 24/7 is crucial for you.

On top of that, you can easily plug in any of your custom scripts that relate to your workflows, conversations or other aspects of superb customer support.

100+ languages

English, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Danish, French, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Czech, Slovak, and 86+ more if that was not enough.

Continuous improvement

At first, we will train your agent with your existing data.

After that,  BotX virtual agents learn from past conversations and human interaction to always serve the best response and resolve tasks accordingly.

“We have achieved great results with the customer service solution BotX has developed. We have analyzed tens of thousands of conversations and built an advanced deep-learning support engine based on that. Time saved, return on investment positive very fast.”

Libor Fuzy

Digital Marketing, Orange

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