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Go beyond “If - Then” logic with truly intelligent automation

Most existing automation solutions fail when activities require human intuition or judgement. At the same time, cost pressures are mounting and finding skilled knowledge workers proves to be harder by the day.

Intelligent automation by botX automates complex human activities with machine-level accuracy and consistency.

Macek Legal

250+ hours
regained in one year


€5M +
in newly won tenders


1400+ hours
support time saved in one year

Your most complex activities reduced to a click

Get lightning fast company processes

“It just takes the time” is no longer a valid argument. Your core value-adding activities performed by your knowledge workers can be reduced to a click (literally) so your processes become “lightning fast”.

Achieve accuracy and consistency that is hard to beat

You probably tried to maintain consistency and accuracy of activities with manuals, policies, and best practices. But outcomes were still Inconsistent. running intelligent automation apps gives you the consistency you have wished for.

Remove limitations to your profitable growth

So many bottlenecks and unscalable (non)-solutions. With intelligent automation you can start removing bottlenecks one-by-one so you can get back to profitable growth

32 %
“Organisations that moved beyond piloting intelligent automation tell us they have achieved an average cost reduction of 32 percent”
>100 %
"Many companies across industries have been experimenting with Intelligent process automation, with return on investment most often in triple-digit percentages."
42 %
"42% of surveyed leaders have implemented AI to reduce general hiring needs"

Intelligent automation ready for you in weeks, not months.
With Low-Code.

Visual workflow and AI development platform

Our proprietary Low-Code AI platform with powerful visual workflow editor allows us to build automations in record time

Years of experience adopted by AI in hours

Your people process all kinds of data and build up intuition so they can exercise judgment. AI works the same way. And we have pre-built modules so that we can quickly automate your work with text, numbers or images in various structured or unstructured formats.

Automated actions, integrations and dashboards

You want to keep some decisions to yourself, and set-and-forget about others. We can accommodate both thanks to our preprogrammed set of notification channels (email, SMS...), strong dashboarding capabilities and rest APIs for workflow integrations.

"We saw great results in a very short time frame. The BotX team has implemented a lead automation model that helps to acquire new customers."

Miroslav Pridal

Head of digital, MND

4 easy steps to turn your complex activities into a ONE-CLICK


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Automate repetitive activities with information within text, images, numbers, or other data.


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Get your robot set-up
in the cloud

Like any SAAS, BotX runs in the cloud, so you can access your automation from anywhere.


Pay a low monthly fee

Pricing is based on actual use.

Designed to fit your current workflow

Ideal for integration into your existing systems

No need to learn a new app unless you want to. We are great at making your existing robotic process automation way more intelligent or enhancing your existing workflows in your ERP.

Your apps and data in a secure cloud

Your data will be stored safely on Servers in multiple locations. We also operate in line with iSO 27001 practices. and we employ best-practice multi-layered cybersecurity techniques to protect your data.

Simple or no-touch maintenance

You need to react to the changes around you and so do the systems you employ. Our automations are always built with that in mind. The are able to learn from new information and they are built low-code so any changes that are needed can be carried out easily.

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