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Your intuition is not enough anymore

Less than the highest quality decisions are costing you money and time. Yet commonplace analytics tools do not help in making the right calls efficiently enough.

BotX delivers decision-Oriented predictive analytics and insights so that you can focus on your red priorities and let systems handle the rest.

65 %
„An average increase in productivity due to timely prediction of equipment failures.”
50 %
„A general increase in
marketing-spend efficiency with personalized product recommendations in place.“
70 %
„An achievable reduction in inventory costs due to accurate demand forecasting.“

AI-powered analytics boosts your judgement

Predict the future with more confidence and consistency

Get recommendations on what to do when or automate operational decisions that used to be based on your best people intuition

Gain insights of what will likely happen

We match historical patterns of your business to historical outcomes so that you can spot events far earlier before they happen and take action accordingly

Get a clearer picture of what has happened in the past

We will help you find business-critical relations and dependencies you did not know existed so that you can optimize your decision-making processes and capture more value

Decision support systems ready for you in weeks, not months.
With Low-Code.

Advanced data studio linked to a powerful AI Low-Code development platform

You will get your solution in record time. Our proprietary Low-Code AI platform with powerful data tools allows us to build solutions efficiently and fast.

Deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing

Your business processes all kinds of data. That is why we have pre-built AI and data modules so that we can easily work with numbers, text, and images in various structured or unstructured formats.

Automated actions, integrations, and dashboards

You want to keep some decisions to yourself and set and forget about others. We can accommodate both thanks to our preprogrammed set of notification channels (email, SMS...), strong dashboarding capabilities And rest APIs for workflow integrations.

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3. Get your decision support system set up in the cloud

BotX runs in the cloud, so you can access your apps and dashboards from anywhere


Pay a low monthly fee

Pricing is based on actual use.

Get a preview in 2 weeks before you commit more time to the project

Fast preparation of your data

Collection and cleaning of data is a tedious task.

That is why we have automated a large part of this process with our proprietary AI.

Support from an expert AI/ML team

We have built more than 50+ AI projects in the past 4 years.

We will help you steer your project to successful results and positive returns.

Rapid prototypes and proof of value

We know that uncertainty can hold innovative decisions back.

So we focus on fast prototyping and a quick demonstration of value.

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