Fend off greenwashing accusations of your firm

Probe into Articles 8 & 9 classification of funds you sell. With one click.

Share of Assets classified as Article 8 or 9 went from 20% to 50% in a year*. Do you choose to believe?

Get ready for more stringent EU regulations and enforcement

RTS (SFDR level 2) has still not provided actionable details on how to classify Article 8 and Article 9 assets.

That leaves room for fund managers to get creative.

As a fund distributor, you must be proactive to minimize your compliance risk.

See how our SFDR anti-greenwashing solutions can help you.

Automatically collect and evaluate information related to SFDR articles 8 & 9 classification

An end-to-end AI-powered platform solution to save you hundreds of hours of work related to information mining and data processing

Get a global overview of fund classifications

BotX SFDR solution lets you automatically grab classifications from fund reports so that you can avoid manual research.

Request missing EET reports from fund managers automatically

We collect information from annual fund reports. But sometimes, it is just not there. Our system asks for EET forms from fund managers automatically and can identify classification based on EET forms as well.

Get notifications in case portfolio companies are involved in compromising events

Import and transform your data with conventional operations such as advanced filtering, sorting, changing data types, or editing. In case of need, build queries with complete DML and DDL support.

"Ivan and his team are amazing to work with... It was a great experience for us. We were impressed with how intuitive and easy to use the solution is... I appreciate as well the tool is very supportive with dashboards..."

Světlana Chladilová

Head of digital tools

Youplus Assurance AG

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