Remove 73% of manual admission work

Automate school and university admission processes with AI-Powered intelligent automation that reads and evaluates applications for you

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Save costs and improve consistency within your admission process

Invest more in improving the education you provide

Automating various steps within your admission process allows you to invest more in improving the education you provide.

At the same time use of AI within the admission process removes manual work of your admission clerks and removes inconsistencies across your admission team.

Plug-in AI into your process easily

An end-to-end AI powered solution to save you hundreds of hours of work related information mining, data processing and evaluation of student applications.

AI that trains seamlessly on your historical data

Your school or university is unique. So is the profile of students that you'd like to see admitted. Our AI will flexibly learn the ideal qualities of the students you are looking for.

You can even surface new insights about the qualities that your best students posses so you can improve your admission process even more.

NLP, machine learning, computer vision - a cutting edge combination

Our technology can process various types of application documents starting with simple CVs, test score results, written essays and even images.

Integrate into your current systems easily

All our solutions can be easily integrated into your current systems thanks to the connectors of our open No-code AI development platform.

In case our existing range of connectors is not sufficient for you, you can easily integrate your current systems thanks to our well documented APIs.

More intelligent automation use-cases for educators

Scheduling optimizations

Our scheduling tool empowers administrators to easily schedule courses and streamline the planning process.

With the ability for individuals to manage their schedules daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, this tool provides a comprehensive solution for managing time and improving efficiency.

Coming Soon

AI Content Detector

TrueText helps you identify whether a given text was generated by a large language model (LLM) such as but not only GPT models by OpenAI.

TrueText has a 76% success rate at detecting AI generated text and employs several techniques that help with detection.

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