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About TrueText

TrueText helps you identify whether a given text was generated by a large language model (LLM) such as but not only GPT models by OpenAI.

TrueText has a 76% success rate at detecting AI generated text and employs several techniques that help with detection, making it an indispensable tool for anyone who deals with verifying and validating the originality of content.

TrueText is particularly useful for the educational sector, content agencies, SEO agencies, and anyone who deals with verifying the originality of text-based content.

The results are always an estimation and do not provide a definite answer.

Advanced integration options with BotX No-code AI development platform

BotX is primarily a No-Code AI development platform and an Intelligent automation tools.

With the power of our platform, you can easily integrate TrueText AI Content Detection into your daily workflows and connect it to your current apps with a well documented APIs.

Chrome plug-in (comming soon)

Get scores for sites that you browse or documents you review in Google docs or other cloud apps.

Highlight AI generated content by sentences and paragraphs

We are working on the ability to highlight suspicious areas of your input text so that you can easily uncover areas that are AI assisted.

More intelligent automation use-cases for educators

Admission process automation

Remove 73% of manual admission work with AI that reads and evaluates applications for you.

Automate application reviews, candidate assessments, qualifications reviews and more.

Coming Soon

Handwritten exam evaluation

Comming soon.

Coming Soon

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