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Solve real business challenges with data and AI

Automate processes
and optimize resources

Automate activities requiring human judgement

Think of tasks that require way too much collection of information, reading, analyzing, filling out, identifying, answering.

Optimize your resources through insights into big data

Think of operations where small percantage wins bring big absolute returns and where do you can get meaningful historical data.

Develop innovative services and products

Go beyond human capabilities in speed and accuracy

Power your products with real-time decision-making capabilities based on complex algorithms

Utilize entirely new kind of information and insights

Analyze millions of articles, images, reports, tables or other sources of data to move your industry forward

Accelerate your strategic innovation

Strategically shift your business model, cost structure and process power

Sustain or improve your margins through better products and pricing power

Spot issues in operations or compliance early on

Discover anomalies in large volumes of data in real-time

Meet regulatory requirements with intelligent solutions that execute activities and tirelessly follow complex regulations

What clients say

"Ivan and his team are amazing to work with... It was great experience for us. We were impressed with how intuitive and easy to use the solution is... I appreciate as well the tool is very supportive with dashboards..."

Světlana Chladilová

Head of Digital Tools

Youplus Assurance AG

The value we have received from cooperation with botx is just great.The solution was delivered fast and our ongoing costs are minuscule compared to if we wanted to create or even just run the solutions ourselves. botx guys are real experts [...]. Great experience, thank you.

Hana Goralcikova

Head of Customer Services


botx has delivered high quality solution that saves us hours of time weekly, which we are now able to commit to our premium services. We can highly recommend botx to anyone.

Daniel Macek


Macek Legal

Get an AI solution within 2 weeks and prove the value of your prototype fast

Traditional methods of AI development require extensive, highly skilled resources and usually take more than 3 months to prototype.

We save your time and money by building AI solutions with our cutting-edge low-code AI platform.

Super-fast low-code solutions

Zero costs of repetitive tasks

Ideal for solving complex issues

No requirements for your IT department

No hidden costs for IT infrastructure

Get in touch with BotX
conversations analyzed
80 hours
saved monthly per employee
thousands of new leads

„We have achieved great results with the customer service solution BotX has developed… Time saved, return on investment positive very fast.“

Libor Fuzy

Digital Marketing, Orange

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“We can highly recommend BotX to anyone.”

Daniel Macek

Partner, Macek Legal

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